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His accomplishments include providing leadership and fighting to: 

  • Improve the process for parent participation in the IEP process for children with special needs;
  • Offer Early screening  and intervention for students with dyslexia;
  • Ensuring that every elementary school library is staffed with a centrally funded library aide;
  • Encourage parent engagement by streamlining the process for the use of school facilities and expediting and eliminating the cost of background checks for parent volunteers;
  • Protect students and staff by making sure that families are aware of Safe Gun Storage mandates and instituting twice annual drills for lockdown and evacuation procedures for school sites;
  • Offer Healthy food choices and reducing waste in LAUSD Food Services;
  • Oppose recent changes to Title IX regulations that could discourage students and staff from  sexual harassment complaints:
  • Support student-informed decision making by instituting a Student Advisory Committee with representatives from all BD 3 high schools including continuation schools;
  • Lead on environmental justice issues such as:
    • committing the District to develop a plan for transitioning to 100% clean, renewable energy,
    • dramatically reducing waste from LAUSD Food Services,
    • advocating to close the Aliso Canyon natural gas storage facility, and
    • reducing our children’s exposure to noise from the Burbank Airport and persistent air pollution from multiple San Fernando Valley sources.

Supporting My Schools

BD 3 consists of 106 schools including continuation and early ed sites plus two adult schools. Since Scott Schmerelson took office in July of 2015, he has supported his schools in the following ways through over 160 projects including

  • Comprehensive Modernization = 5 schools
  • New electronic marquees = 14 schools 
  • Secure entry system  & CCTV & pad locks = 19 schools
  • Parking lot gates & fences =20 schools
  • Computers and other Technology = 27 schools
  • Auto attendant phone system = 55 schools
  • Playground upgrades = 8 schools (expensive projects including play structure at Chatsworth Park EL., shade structures; play structures, etc.)
  • Auditorium upgrades = 9 schools 
  • Classroom renovation = 23 schools
  • Lunch area improvements = 4 schools
  • Exterior furniture = 3 schools
  • Water filling stations = 3