Accomplishments & Priorities

Scott M. Schmerelson is currently a member of the LAUSD Board of Education representing Board District 3 in the Northwest and Central San Fernando Valley. Scott is running for re-election.

Before retiring and joining the school Board in 2015, Scott was an educator and administrator for almost four decades. He began his career as a high school Spanish teacher, then served as a middle school counselor, assistant principal, and for many years as a principal. He retired as the Principal of Johnnie L. Cochran, Jr. Middle School in South Los Angeles after 10 years of leadership that included significantly improving test scores, a deteriorated physical plant, and raising student, teacher, and parent morale.

Scott’s priorities and accomplishments include:

  • Continuing to lead the fight for fair and adequate funding of our public schools at the same level as other states where per pupil funding is nearly twice as much as California – the 5th largest economy in the world;
  • Encouraging and supporting parent participation by streamlining the process for the use of school facilities for parent organized fundraising events and by expediting and eliminating the cost of background checks for parent volunteers;
  • Improving the process for parent participation in the IEP process for children with special needs and establishing early screening and intervention for students with dyslexia;
  • Providing a centrally funded library aide for every elementary school library;
  • Working in conjunction with the City Attorney’s office to protect students and staff by making sure that families are aware of Safe Gun Storage laws and instituting twice annual drills for lockdown and evacuation procedures for school sites; and
  • Proven leadership on environmental justice issues such as committing the District to develop a plan for transitioning to 100% clean, renewable energy, dramatically reducing waste from LAUSD Food Services, advocacy to close the Aliso Canyon natural gas storage facility, and reducing our children’s exposure to noise from the Burbank Airport and persistent air pollution from multiple San Fernando Valley sources.

Scott’s policy decisions are based on his frequent and focused schedule of school visits to Board District 3 schools and by the voices and perspectives of his Student Advisory Council that is comprised of representatives from all BD 3 high schools including continuation schools.

But there is still much to do to ensure that all our students are getting the education they deserve.

Scott was an effective educator and school administrator and has been a truly effective School Board Member. Please vote to re-elect Board Member Schmerelson because experience and a proven record of public service matters!