Did Scott donate to a Republican organization or to Trump?

Scott Schmerelson DID NOT DONATE to Trump or any Republican organization and his opponent knows this. The reported payment is to a well known campaign vendor.

Scott’s campaign purchased advertising on at least a dozen “slate mail cards” targeting different groups of voters. One of the slates targeted Republican voters. It is a common practice for candidates in non-partisan races to pool resources when they do not have millions of dollars to spend on expensive individual mailers. There is literally an asterisk on these slate mailers saying that candidates don’t necessarily support other candidates on the mailer.

Especially in these transitional times, should Scott not be asking all voters to check out his record?  Is it the position of Scott’s opponent that neither she nor her supporters are mailing to Republican households?

Despite our opponent’s efforts to confuse the issue, Scott Schmerelson is the only candidate for School Board who is endorsed by the Los Angeles County Democratic Party and every Democratic Club in the District.  He is also endorsed by the Los Angeles Times, the Planned Parenthood Advocacy Project, the Sierra Club and State Superintendent of Schools, Tony Thurmond.

Who really sets the pay for LAUSD Board Members?

It seems some people didn’t do their homework before asserting LAUSD board members gave themselves a raise.

Here’s the truth, as established by the Charter of the City of Los Angeles.

Who sets the pay?

The total compensation for members of the Board of Education shall be set by a compensation committee which is comprised by seven members which must reside within LAUSD boundaries.

  • Two of them must parents of students attending an LAUSD school, one inside LA City and one outside.
  • One must be an expert in compensation.
  • Two must have business experience, one must be a corporate executive, one must be a small business.
  • Two must represent labor unions.

Who appoints them?

  The members of the committee are appointed by:

  • the Mayor of the City of Los Angeles
  • the Mayors of the Cities of Bell, Cudahy, Huntington Park, Mayoowd and South Gate
  • the Mayors of the Cities of Gardena, Carson, Lomita, Monterey Park, San Fernando and West Hollywood
  • the Chair of the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors
  • the President of the Los Angeles City Council

and confirmed by a majority vote of the Los Angeles City Council. 

The committee then adopts a resolution that establishes the annual salary and the medical, dental, insurance and other benefits of the Board of Education members.  The committee shall be dissolved 60 days after adoption of the resolution.

When did they last raise the pay?

A committee convened in 2007 and raised the salary from $26,000 to $46,000 (for board members who did not have a separate job). This was the first major salary bump since 1984. A committee convened in 2012 and voted not to make changes to the salary.

Setting the record straight: Who sets compensation for LAUSD Board members?

Some of our opponents insist on distorting the truth, suggesting that Board members voted to give themselves a raise. Here’s the truth:

Under the city charter, Board of Education compensation is set every five years by the LAUSD Board of Education Compensation Review Committee. The seven-member body is appointed by local officials outside the Los Angeles Unified School District. Mayor Eric Garcetti has two appointees, as does City Council President Herb Wesson. LA Times reported on this issue in 2017.


SPEAK UP parent’s complaint against Scott about JUUL vote has no merit, says the FPPC.

Take a look at the Fair Political Practices Commission response to SPEAK UP parent (and failed-to-qualify candidate for Board District 3), Kenneth Ragsdale, about his complaint alleging a conflict of interest when Scott voted to hold JUUL accountable for enticing kids to use their flavored vaping products.