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Education Workers SEIU 99 Endorse!

We’re getting so many endorsements which makes us so proud.

And this latest endorsement is very special to us, because it is by custodians, cafeteria workers, bus drivers, special education assistants, and other dedicated education workers in LAUSD.

This is what Max Arias, SEIU Local 99 Executive Director said:

“These candidates share in our commitment to ensuring an excellent public education for every student – no matter where they live, where they come form, or the color of their skin. They have our support because they are fierce advocates for improved funding for our schools. They understand that decades of disinvestment in public education have had a dire impact on black and brown students and that achieving equity in education must be a priority for our school district.

“Throughout their tenure with the school district, incumbents Scott Schmerelson and Dr. George McKenna have consistently stood for improved student services, including increased staffing for cleaner schools, special education, and parent engagement.

Read more here.

Thankful for all the support

This week I’ve had a chance to get the support of many community members:

Thank you for the Orthodox Coptic Church for their invitation to speak with their congregation members and their education staff.

Special gratitude to the school and their staff on the hard work and success. Thank you for your dedication to our students!

Together, we send a clear message to these teachers that the business community supports and values their dedication to the children of San Fernando Valley.

Thank you to Armenian Ferrahian High School for inviting me to speak to your Principal and school staff, I enjoyed my time with you all.

Congratulations “So pleased to see you accomplishing great things.” 

Thank you to Temple Ahavat Shalom in Northridge, The Erev Shabbat was the most beautiful service and featuring the Men of TAS. I enjoyed meeting and having such a wonderful conversation with members and volunteers and Teachers at TAS.

Together with all my family I wish for you to have God’s blessing. This was such a wonderful opportunity to meet and speak with our teachers, and members of the synagogue.

May you lead us to be one community regardless of our origins. You help make us one and for this may you be blessed.

At Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Church in Northridge for Day Mass.

I am honored to be with Mihran Kalaydjian of the Porter Ranch Neighborhood Council and delighted to be with the most fabulous church cantor with the voice of an angel, Theresa Villa, who is also a long time ESL teacher at the East Valley Skills Center.

SPEAK UP parent’s complaint against Scott about JUUL vote has no merit, says the FPPC.

Take a look at the Fair Political Practices Commission response to SPEAK UP parent (and failed-to-qualify candidate for Board District 3), Kenneth Ragsdale, about his complaint alleging a conflict of interest when Scott voted to hold JUUL accountable for enticing kids to use their flavored vaping products.

Setting the record straight: Who sets compensation for LAUSD Board members?

Some of our opponents insist on distorting the truth, suggesting that Board members voted to give themselves a raise. Here’s the truth:

Under the city charter, Board of Education compensation is set every five years by the LAUSD Board of Education Compensation Review Committee. The seven-member body is appointed by local officials outside the Los Angeles Unified School District. Mayor Eric Garcetti has two appointees, as does City Council President Herb Wesson. LA Times reported on this issue in 2017.


SCOTT ANSWERS: What will you accomplish when you are re-elected?

When re-elected, I will:
  • Convince the governor, the California State Legislature, and voters that our children desperately need and deserve public schools that are fairly and adequately funded. Our schools are critically under-resourced.  We must demand that Sacramento do more for urban school districts like LAUSD plus find other sources of revenue by reforming Prop 13 and looking at all feasible funding mechanisms. 
  • As chair of both the Parent Access and Engagement Committee and the Committee on Special Education, I will continue to lead the fight to increase parent engagement by strategies such as streamlining the process for the use of school facilities and eliminating the cost of background checks for parent volunteers.
  • As chair of the Special Education Committee, I will be able to continue supporting the rights of parents in the Special Education IEP process and prioritize my passion for raising awareness and training to help staff and families identify kids with Dyslexia early and provide interventions. I will also continue to fight for transparency and effective oversight of independent charter schools and combat the well financed efforts to privatize public education.

SCOTT SCHMERELSON, the only candidate endorsed by ALL Democrats!

Did you know that Scott has been endorsed by all the Democratic club in the Los Angeles area (see logos below), and by every Democratic elected official who is endorsing in this race?

SCOTT SCHMERELSON, the only candidate endorsed by ALL Democrats!

Did you know that Scott has been endorsed by all the Democratic club in the Los Angeles area (see logos below), and by every Democratic elected official who is endorsing in this race?

Armenian National Committee – WR endorses Scott

The Armenian National Committee of America Western Region has endorsed Scott Schmerelson for Los Angeles Unified School Board, District 3.

The endorsement followed a meeting between Board member Schmerelson and representatives of the ANCA Western Region Board of Directors and members of ANCA Western Region Education Committee.

“Over the years, Mr. Schmerelson has been immensely supportive of continuing the education on the Armenian Genocide and expanding its coverage in Los Angeles District schools,” remarked ANCA-WR Board Chair Nora Hovsepian, Esq. “He has been helpful in organizing professional development workshops for teachers about the Armenian Genocide and over the years has stood shoulder to shoulder with our community on Armenian issues.”

Board member Scott Schmerelson represents the Third District of Los Angeles Unified School District, which encompasses San Fernando Valley neighborhoods of Van Nuys, Reseda, Lake, and North Hollywood, among other areas.

“I am highly honored to be endorsed by the Armenian National Committee of America Western Region, an organization which represent the Armenian children, parents, educators and community all through the western United States. They fight for the rights of all children in our district, not just Armenian students. They provide excellent professional development for our teachers and administrators that focus on a curriculum that recognizes that we all matter and contribute to having a well-educated and informed community.”

During the meeting, Mr. Schmerelson also expressed his commitment to continuing to represent the Armenian students of the Third District, and making sure that teachers are have the resources available to teach about the Armenian Genocide. He also spoke about the importance of equipping teachers of LAUSD with knowledge and understanding about the Armenian Genocide through professional development workshops.

The Armenian National Committee of America – Western Region is the largest and most influential nonpartisan Armenian American grassroots advocacy organization in the Western United States. Working in coordination with a network of offices, chapters, and supporters throughout the Western United States and affiliated organizations around the country, the ANCA-WR advances the concerns of the Armenian American community on a broad range of issues in pursuit of the Armenian Cause.

Diane Ravitch endorses Scott!

Diane Ravitch, an eminent historian of education, an educational policy analyst, and a research professor at New York University and previously U.S. Assistant Secretary of Education, has endorsed Scott! Ravitch has been the titular leader of the grass-roots movement against corporate school reform since 2010 when her book “The Death and Life of the Great American School System” was published and quickly became a bestseller. 

Scott is proud to have her endorsement: “Diane’s endorsement means so much to me because she is a true champion for our kids, for our teachers, and for protecting our neighborhood public schools.”

The LA County Federation of Labor stands with Scott!

It’s not everyday that you get the support of 800,000 workers who are working, day in and day out, to bring lasting change to Los Angeles! The endorsement by the County Federation of workers means being supported by a movement for justice and opportunity. It is a great honor.

Thank you for your support!

See complete list here.

Young Democrats in LA and in the Valley Endorse Scott!

It is so good to get the endorsement of our Democrats from LA County and from the San Fernando Valley!

Founded nearly 50 years ago by Congressmen Henry Waxman and Howard Berman and former City Controller Rick Tuttle and others, the Los Angeles County Young Democrats is the largest organization in California focused on giving young people a voice and a vehicle for activism in local, state, and federal political issues. 

With more than 1,400 members and supporters and dozens of local, state, and federal candidates either members or helped into office by the Club, LACYD remains at the forefront of keeping Young Democrats engaged, informed, and heard on issues of importance to young people.

The San Fernando Valley Young Democrats shall endeavor to stimulate in young people an active interest in governmental affairs, increase the efficiency of our government, maintain the viability of our free institutions, and contribute to the growth and influence of the ideals and philosophy of the Democratic Party.

Thank you for your endorsement!

PLANNED PARENTHOOD endorses Scott Schmerelson!

I am truly honored to be the candidate, in the race for LAUSD Board District 3, to be endorsed by the Planned Parenthood Advocacy Project Los Angeles County Action Fund. At a time when reproductive rights and women’s access to comprehensive reproductive health services are under attack, I am proud to stand with the Advocacy Project and their efforts to make sure that all women, especially low-income Californians, are able to take advantage of the health and family planning services relied on by so many LAUSD families and community members.

Los Angeles Times endorses Scott!

District 3: Scott Schmerelson

Schmerelson, an incumbent who is strongly allied with the teachers union, United Teachers Los Angeles, has been the most vocally hostile to Beutner and to the growth of charter schools in the district. Yet he is not so rigid in practice, and, to his credit, has actually voted to approve many charters.

Schmerelson shows a dismaying tendency to think narrowly about his own district, which covers the West San Fernando Valley, rather than the students of L.A. Unified as a whole. Asked why there were so few magnet schools in South Los Angeles and other areas of the district where the need is high, he replied that it was up to individual board members to ask for these programs in their district.

Not quite. While board members have a particular obligation to their own districts, it is their responsibility to consider the fair allocation of resources to all students.

But Schmerelson is a stronger candidate than either of his challengers.

Sierra Club recognizes Scott’s leadership in environmental matters by endorsing him!


Scott’s success is passing the Clean Energy resolution was evidence of his commitment to making sure our schools are strong stewards of the environment. As this LAist article reported, Scott’s resolution represented “an aggressive set of goals that would ultimately wean the nation’s second-largest school district off of all non-renewable energy sources by 2040. And that’s only the long-term goal.” They said that “You might call it LAUSD’s own “Green New Deal” as it commits LAUSD to rely exclusively on clean sources of electricity by an even earlier deadline: 2030.

Thank you Julie Carson for a great Meet & Greet!

We are so lucky to have community members, teachers, educational advocates that care so much about our neighborhood schools and about our students’ education. And that they know that Scott has been a most effective School Board member and needs to be re-elected.

Scott Schmerelson receives endorsement from Southern California Armenian Democrats (SCAD)

On Thursday, January 27, 2020. After a careful evaluation and consideration, The Southern California Armenian Democrats (SCAD) are proud and honored to endorse Scott Schmerelson’s re-election for Los Angeles Unified School Board, District 3.

SCAD is proud to join the Los Angeles County Democratic Party and numerous Democratic Clubs in endorsing Scott Schmerelson’s re-election to the LAUSD School Board, District 3.  Scott has been a good friend of the Armenian Community and a proven advocate for all children and our public schools.

Southern California Armenian Democrats (SCAD) is the first and the largest regional Armenian- American Democratic Club in Southern California. SCAD’s goals are to represent the collective Armenian-American viewpoint on matters and policies of the Democratic Party, increase and strengthen the number of Armenian-American Democrats, influence and guide California State policy on matters of interest to the Armenian-American community, promote the election of Armenian-American Democrats to political offices, and maintain the viability of our free institutions.