Community Endorsements

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Glenn Bailey,

Valley Neighborhood Council leader

Sandy Hubbard,

Valley Village Homeowners Association *

Denise Emerson

Robert Kladifko Ph.D.

Leah Padow

Barbara Huff: He has demonstrated his commitment to our students for years with compassion and understanding. His integrity is critical to ensure all are interests are represented by the school board.

Lester Powell: Scott is a champion for ALL kids and he shows it with his actions. He is Student First.

Laura Rangel:Scott’s been a huge advocate for all our children. In my case, had a concern about my now 2020 graduate’s IEP and his office answered and guided me through the process. Will forever be grateful.

Sally Lopez: Scott cares and fights for ALL students, teachers and staff members.

Sharon Kaiser: Scott is an exceptional LAUSD School Board member! He has done an excellent job for the students, families and LAUSD staff and he will continue to do an outstanding job!

Marti Price: Scott gets things done. As a principal it was great to know that if I needed something for my school, Scott and his team were always there to help. At SOCES we appreciated his coming out to student events including our drive-by graduation parade in June.

Linda Perez: He is a man of integrity and decency, who has been dedicated to public education and has proven for more than 30 years that he deeply cares for our students, parents, and communities. He does not take money from rich corporations or charter schools. He is very supportive of our Classified employees and teachers. Please vote for Scott Schmerelson on November 3rd.

Cindy Thomas: He has ALWAYS put the students first!!

Shaina Bogorad: Scott is a true advocate for students and families! Scott listens to parent concerns! When parents complained about the costs involved with fingerprinting to volunteer on campus, Scott stepped up to fight to get fees waived. When parent volunteers struggled with new LAUSD fundraising guidelines, Scott stepped up to facilitate conversations between Beaudry and parents, set up training events, and helped push the Board to waive leasing fees for parent groups. Our students deserve the best! And Scott is the clear choice!

Barbara Scott: He has been a wonderful, thoughtful and active Board member who keeps in touch with the administrators, teachers, and most importantly, the students of LA Unified.

Carolyn Pakes: I support Scott because he has been an amazing and incredible advocate for our special needs students and our special education school! He’s our Hero and we need him!

Maralyn Soifer: he has the experience to be a school board member.

Audrey Lieberstein: I support Scott because I have witnessed how much he cares about our schools and how much he has been able to get done these last years on the board.

Stacey Zavala: He supports my students. He has visits and met with parents and cares about my school.

Jess Kelly: Not only he an amazing person, but he has personally given me opportunities to state my case to lausd around a conference table.

Kristi Fisher: Scott really cares about public education and doing what is best for our kids, not lining the pockets of charter administrators. Especially when it comes to children with special needs, it’s important to keep our public schools funded so that we ensure a Free Appropriate Public Education for all of our children.

Rose Reiss: Scott has years of teaching experience and has shown his leadership in his safety, environment, and health board of education resolutions. Scott really cares about quality public education for ALL kids!

Joyann Sofio: Scott supports public school students and he knows that great public schools make great neighborhoods.

Elizabeth Escobar: He’s for public education!

Carissa Larsen: Scott truly cares about public education and making choices that will benefit our entire community. Scott truly impressed me when he stood with us in the rain with us during the Strike and he continues to support teachers and the Los Angeles community through his devotion to a better future for the children of our city.

Maura McCarthy-Sakhakorn: He has worked hard for teachers and education all of his career. I have helped him get elected since the first time he ran 🙂

Barbara Yates: Because he is still invested in our children, not profits.

Alby Luchko: Scott Schmerelson is a real supporter of public schools. He listens to parents and works hard to solve problems so we can all succeed together. He stands up for what is right and understands the value of public schools and of the parents and students they serve. He’s a rare leader that works hard for the community with all his heart.

Anni Levonian: He works in the best interest of the students, families, and educators!

Angela Vitalis: He stands for students and teachers.

Brooke Ramirez: He is a man that truly cares about the students, teachers, and families of Los Angeles.

Annie Heller-Gutwillig: I’ve had the pleasure of meeting Scott personally many times at my childrens’ elementary school. He is genuinely interested in the needs of students and families and is an excellent listener. When Scott met my third grader, he thanked her for being a member of Student Council and for modeling leadership for her classmates. Scott truly gets it and as a family, we are proud to support Scott Schmerelson for School Board in District 3!

Susan Weber: He stands for all kids and families and is against the privatization of our public schools. He is an educator and knows what matters to local community schools…..he understands what they provide in a community. I stand with Scott!

Mandy Olsen: He is a wonderful human being who understands our public schools and the challenges we face. He BELIEVES in our schools and students.

Anita Persoff: As a West Valley LAUSD Library Aide, I can tell you that every time I need Scott at my school to meet with parents, teachers, staff and students, read to students, speak virtually at culminations and other meetings the school has asked him to participate in, he ALWAYS is there for us! He knows everything about LAUSD, including the other Board districts. We are so very lucky to have Scott Schmerelson, an honest educator, to represent Board District 3 on the LAUSD school board!

Kathy Schaeffer: I appreciate Scott’s experience and his desire to put kids first!

Sandra Osorio: Because he was a teacher, because he knows what he is doing and because he cares.

Elizabeth Gay Lannon: He shows up for our kids, since he’s been a school board member, even in non-election years. It’s so obvious that he cares, he gets it, and he knows how to get what they need. He works hard for kids, parents, and teachers!!

Laura Novack: Scott advocates for all students, teachers, and administrators, has experience as an educator, and isn’t afraid to speak up.

Citlally Chavez-Perez: Scott visited our tiny elementary multiple times with a willingness to listen to teachers, parents, and students. His thoughtful and caring interactions truly demonstrated his passion for making our schools the best they can possibly be.

Patty Glueck: As someone who has been involved with the movement to shut down the hazardous Aliso Canyon gas storage facility, I know Scott has been involved since the 2015 blowout to protect students from the largest gas disaster in US history. He truly cares about students’ health and safety throughout his district.

Amber Schwindler: I support Scott because I see how the District treats students of special needs with disgrace. Scott puts these students at the top of his agenda, whereas the District puts them at the bottom.

Nidia Castro: He understands the struggles that educators face and he is supportive, understanding and compassionate.

Jose Loza: I am a school administrator in LAUSD. Mr. Schmerelson has supporter of Latino students in our community.

Roberto Fonesca: The fundamental reason for supporting Mr. Scott Schmerelson is because he truly represents Public Education. In addition, his commitment to support parent engagement/involvement is invaluable. By far, Mr. Schmerelson has been the most outspoken current Board member regarding supporting and defending parent’s rights. Mr. Schmerelson truly understand the true connection between parent and child and the need to respect parents in order to ensure our future generation of students have a better change for success in the future. Therefore, I strongly encourage to vote for Mr. Scott Schmerelson for Board member 3.