As a fiduciary agent of the largest school district in the country with an elected board, it is my obligation to protect the fiscal integrity of LA Unified and while I try to root out waste within LAUSD, I promise to the taxpayers of our city that I will continue to be a watchdog on Charter Schools who abuse the public trust.  

It is unconscionable that a Principal of an Independent Charter School ran up a bill of almost $15,000 at a local steakhouse using public tax dollars.  Charging $100 bottles of wine on the school credit card should be illegal, and I’m trying to get those laws changed, but THIS is why I demanded that the Principal of that school step down before I would agree to allow their charter to be renewed.  Today, the school is a better place because of that stance.

Charter schools have to operate under the same transparency rules as regular public schools, they have to.  The financial abuse of other charter schools gives a black eye to all charters and that shouldn’t be the case, there are many fine examples of local charter schools doing wonderful work, but when agents of greed try to sap our resources to line their own pockets, I will be there shining a very bright light on their activities.

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