School Funding

When I ran for this office five years ago, I promised that I would root out waste in LAUSD to make sure that every taxpayer dollar that comes into this district goes to help our students.  I feel that I have done just that and can now say with certainty, that one of the biggest issues facing LAUSD today is that, while California is the fifth largest economy in the world, our per pupil spending is about half that of other states, like New York, with complex urban school districts.  

Convincing the governor, the California State Legislature, and voters that our children desperately need and deserve public schools that are fairly and adequately funded is a challenge. We must demand that Sacramento do more for school districts like LAUSD in addition to finding other sources of revenue, looking at all feasible funding mechanisms that will change the boom/bust system we currently use. 

We must also continue to improve our traditional LAUSD schools by fully staffing, lowering class size, and providing full wrap-around support services for students. 

Finally, I will continue to fight for transparency and effective oversight of all schools, including independent charter schools, and will combat the well financed efforts to privatize public education.  Public education is supposed to serve everyone, not just those who are convenient.

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