We live in dangerous times and my primary responsibility to you is to keep our children safe.  One look at the headlines today reminds us that we must be vigilant, always. That is why I sponsored and helped pass the Safe Gun Storage Resolution at LAUSD.  Regardless of your opinion on the 2nd Amendment, we can all agree that safe storage is of paramount importance for us all.

This is what I said at the Board Meeting: “As school board members, we have a profound responsibility to address the all-too- frequent school shootings that we are witnessing in modern America,” Board Member Schmerelson said. “Nearly 70% of student shooters gained access to a lawfully purchased gun from their residence or the residence of a relative, 87% of kids know where their parents’ guns are kept and 60% have handled them. Over 80% of teens who commit suicide with a gun used one that belonged to someone in their home, and guns are the third leading cause of death for kids. I am hopeful that the measures called for in  my resolution will better educate parents and guardians about their legal obligation to safely store firearms.”

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