I remember that slogan from back in the 1970’s and it couldn’t be more true today.  Over the past few years we have seen mounting evidence that climate change is here, right now.  This is a global crisis with examples and evidence coming in globally and locally, why right here in the San Fernando Valley we have had to close schools because of the poor air quality due to brush fires.  This didn’t used to happen. If we are to raise responsible children, then we must act in a responsible manner and that is why I sponsored and helped pass a Resolution at LAUSD, making our school district one of the first in the world to pledge to use only clean, renewable energy moving forward.

Here are some of my remarks at the LAUSD Board’s Press Conference: “I introduced this resolution because I believe that we can no longer postpone a discussion about transitioning to 100% clean, renewable energy.  If there was any doubt about it, we only have to look at the recent fires and school closures in my district, and surrounding areas, and the impact on our students, families, and staff.

My colleagues and co-sponsors and I are all retired educators.  We believe in science. And, scientists from around the world, and the City of Los Angeles, have all declared a climate crisis requiring a significant reduction of greenhouse gas emissions from the burning of fossil fuels by 2030, and net zero carbon by 2050, in order to mitigate the most catastrophic consequences of global warming and climate change.

LA Unified is the largest school district in the country with an elected Board. We are committed to preparing our students to be college and career ready.  But our children are telling us that all the preparation in the world will be meaningless if we are unable and unwilling to transform our energy systems to avoid the frightening reality that we are rapidly, and perhaps irreversibly, destroying the health of the planet that they will inherit.”

This will not be easy nor cheap, but given the stark reality that exists around us we must start somewhere and if we are truly going to raise the next generation of world leaders here in LAUSD, then we better teach them how to lead.

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