SCOTT ANSWERS: What will you accomplish when you are re-elected?

When re-elected, I will:
  • Convince the governor, the California State Legislature, and voters that our children desperately need and deserve public schools that are fairly and adequately funded. Our schools are critically under-resourced.  We must demand that Sacramento do more for urban school districts like LAUSD plus find other sources of revenue by reforming Prop 13 and looking at all feasible funding mechanisms. 
  • As chair of both the Parent Access and Engagement Committee and the Committee on Special Education, I will continue to lead the fight to increase parent engagement by strategies such as streamlining the process for the use of school facilities and eliminating the cost of background checks for parent volunteers.
  • As chair of the Special Education Committee, I will be able to continue supporting the rights of parents in the Special Education IEP process and prioritize my passion for raising awareness and training to help staff and families identify kids with Dyslexia early and provide interventions. I will also continue to fight for transparency and effective oversight of independent charter schools and combat the well financed efforts to privatize public education.

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